Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kimlovemuse's April Energy Notes

Courage is the ability to let go of the familiar

     April Energy Notes ~ Gaining Traction & Spiritual Overlays

April began with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the message here was clear to me: Blind faith.  After all, did you not feel like you have been walking down a dark corridor since January, for some of us as far back as November.  These months were probably some of the darkest times on the planet.  If you have not reviewed your life ten times over, sideways, upside down, and inside out, then you would be a rare person on the planet.  For many of us, the end of 2014 began a great review of our lives.  For a lot of evolved souls, we have done this a million times over.  The difference that you may have felt, is that a lot of humanity has begun to wake up.  Information that healers, light workers, and evolved souls have known forever, is now becoming common amongst everyone on the planet.
For a lot of us, our childhoods were completely confusing, for not only did we have an identity crisis happening, we were completely lost in knowing, and understanding on some level that we had gifts, having to hide and keep them secret.  We developed them quietly, and in our own way. We kept quiet about our abilities.  We were still crucified for our light because we could not hide it, people were afraid of our power, only we were innocent, we did not know this and so for many of us we retreated in so as to protect ourselves.  Unfortunately the price we paid was insurmountable suffering, abuse, pretty much crimes against the innocent souls.  Our kindness got mistaken for weakness, we were ridiculed, bullied, beat, hurt, in ways that words could not express, and so in not being able to be verbal we developed a silent dialogue with ourselves, with nature, with spirit, with the divine for this is where “we felt safest”.   We were meant to survive all of this - for this was our “boot camp” our training ground to help the planet evolve. 

Anything you have gone through is actually for the “collective” to help and allow souls to grow.  We are what you call the “forerunners” for we must know pain in order to know joy.  We must understand suffering in order to have compassion.  We have had to endure more than the average person for these times on the planet.  We came through our lives unwavering in knowing that Love exists, no matter what.  This was the lesson, and This IS the lesson now.  It has not changed, what has changed is that we will now assist people in evolving as we have been, and keeping souls calm and being examples of love and compassion when all hell is breaking loose, and there is no proof.  This is what we are preparing for.  Many Healers, have gone through “Spiritual Deaths” and trust me, it felt like you were actually dying in order to reboot and realign with the new energy on the planet.  All the “woo woo” will go right out the window now as people begin to see, feel and hear with their own eyes.

What Now?  Now we begin to gain traction in our lives.  We begin to integrate back into our lives in a very new grounded way.  We see the past years as a lifetime ago.  We let go in Peace, Love and Compassion. Easier said than done, nonetheless, it had to be done.
So as the Spring Equinox came in and kicked open a door for you, somewhere in your life - you finally saw light again, and had some hope, and were able to regain and claim your power.  This Lunar Eclipse brought our pasts to a complete close.  I mean a complete close.  Never to be the same again, our lives are evolving whether we like it or not.  In these times we will travel light.  No baggage.  We will eat differently.  As we are now, it is called “light bodies”.  The irony in this, we are more grounded than we have ever been.
We now live as examples, we no longer preach, we no longer think we know better, we no longer hide, we no longer buy into that we have no value because a lot of our gifts are intangible.  We simply live now.  Some of my friends have had this down for years, they may be opening up to other things now.  Wherever we needed to grow and open up is where we will be lead by spirit.  For a lot of creative, truth-seekers that have been soul-searching their entire lives, we now become grounded in the business of our creativity, managing our gifts, teaching, managing our money, managing living in a physical world.  
Many light workers understand being grounded on the planet in the everyday mundane realm is well, just not as fun as our fantasy (the imaginary lives where everything co-existed in peace, and love and magic).  The real world sucked, the real world had mean, cruel fucked up people, and so we retreated and stayed safe.
Now that the world is evolving, the people who have been asleep for years have begun to wake up and understand.  People are beginning to understand that they have gifts, abilities, a purpose, even if that purpose is just to be happy.  Being happy is the best purpose to have.  A lot of us will now seek only to be happy, with our “Spiritual Overlay” in our lives.  Spiritual overlay is a word I keep hearing, and it is your spirit always in knowing that we are creating a better world for the greater good, for something bigger than ourselves.  And so all our motives will be generated by love.  Spirituality will not be talked about so much in a stupid sense.  We will just go about the business of our lives with knowing full well what we are building.

A lot of us will now be elevated.  It’s long overdue.  We will be elevated in order to be in leadership roles for the well-being of everyone on the planet.  Life, Love & Liberty is what we will strive for.
April may start out confusing, you may feel as if you have lost your entire life, or misplaced it.  You may have said where am I, what am I doing, and how did I end up here?  You may have closed a lot of doors and ended communication with a lot of people  You may have found that you cannot tolerate a lot from people if they are negative, or not nice.  You may find yourself gravitating towards people that are like minded.  We will begin to swim downstream, and not fight the current anymore.  We will meditate more, heal more, breathe deeper and ground and integrate both spiritual and physical to become the new reality.  

April will begin movement in our lives.  Global movement, homes will be portable, we will live in more than one place.  We will be collaborating with others on great projects.  This will take place as “Rome Crumbles”, and a New World evolves and unfolds rapidly.  The Dark forces will be fighting for its last breath, do not fear as we have been through this already, now we get to live in these exciting times.  This is a huge time in history to be on the planet.  It may look super scary at times, however, there are so many lies that things will get chaotic before they calm down as you can already see.  The key is not to buy into anything - stay in Love not Fear.  It takes practice to even understand this.  I guess the best way is to check in with yourself at any given moment and ask yourself am I in Love? Or am I in Fear?

Love is light, and the more light shining on the planet, the sooner we can clean this big mess up.  Humans are so messy.  We are - lol!  When you’re in your true essence as children are, as animals are, then you know light and love in its purest form.  This is what we seek to have on the planet.  
War, fear, all the darkness is to allow us to see what we don’t want.  By the way, being Spiritual is not walking around singing peace and love all the time.  Sometimes being Spiritual is being fully pissed, and expressing that.  We have this ridiculous notion of what Spirituality looks like.  Spirituality is you being in your truth - no matter what that is. 

Get ready for some big movement on all levels.  April, into the Summer will move extremely fast with a lot of changes very quickly.  

Remember your true essence is pure love, pure light, pure energy.  We are in bodies to experience the physical world.  Your spirit came here to experience these times, in this way.  Seek out your happiness and Joy.  What makes you happy - go towards that and all will fall into place.  We’ve been really hard on ourselves and others.  It’s time for a change, this doesn’t mean being obedient by the way, this means allowing full expression of who you are for you to experience, and others to experience in the best way possible.  

Saturday, January 17, 2015



We have shifted into a much more active vibration which means a lot more peope out around on the move. 

2015 is about travel, the world consciousness moving to another scale. People in middle America now know we are a "global planet. Our awareness will expand this year in a very big way. People who are in the new consciousness have understood this for awhile now and we are more frustrated with this clash of minds. We understand we are spiritual beings in bodies here to experience this world. There are a lot of us. However, there are a lot of very stubborn people that we will not be able to wake up. Which means unnecessary behavior everywhere. The planet is about to become a lot louder in all ways

Expansion in the film industry, technology will have no limits and while I feel like it's useful in many ways it's now going into uncharted territory.

Territory is a huge theme.
On every level. Foreign lands, religion, higher learning, medical technology, medical breakthroughs, new forms of teaching, speaking, charities, philanthropy, freedom, luxury industry, All Big Themes.

So while everything is about to get very big and very loud. You may want to take a look at where your true home is. People will be moving, changing, relocating, a lot of activity a lot.

You may also want to look at what truth means to you. And what exactly do you value. If you work within your inner compass Along with what you value - you will be a lot happier this year. The balance of things happening on the planet is very likely as all is expanding. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014


The Energy of August is super potent.  The Sign of Jupiter left the side of quiet emotional Cancer and  shifted into fiery Leo.  
We have all been witnessing the increase of drama not only on the world stage, but it will surely be playing out in our own lives.
Super High Drama scenarios which have been pent up for almost a year will come to the forefront.

Leo rules the heart and creative self expression, however it also rules territories,  and ego. You must pay attention to self expression, and
your heart,  Stay in the vibration of  Love as much as you can.  Things are going to move very very fast.  The year of the horse is now on the move, Time is 
going by so fast it will make your head spin.

August energy has a kind of return home to ourselves feel.  We are all coming full circle to what is truly important to us in our lives, this will
start a trend of people making big residential moves and for a lot of us that means overseas.  People will now go where they feel settled, safe and at home.

There will be a lot  very creative projects coming to the forefront, labours of love if you will.  There will be second chances with people as the past, present, and future 
all weaving themselves together and blurring the lines of time.  Many reconciliations and "Do Overs" in relationships will come about. People have been working on themselves so second chances will come into play with past loves, marriages, as well as many new marriages.  People are going to want to be partnered up, and less alone.  Sexiness will make a comeback finally's been underground for awhile.  Actually the whole first half of 2014.

People will and are taking on a new Spiritual responsibility,  with the deep understanding that it is now up to us and  how we would like things to go.  People are getting hip to everything they are being lied to in the world.  No one can be in denial anymore and you are, well, then your either numb, or you don't have a heart,  or it's been so shut down you are unable to feel.  Stay away from people that do not feel anything, they will be dangerous to your spirit.

A lot of the Crystalline people who are extremely sensitive have been experiencing excruciating loneliness.  The loneliness has been unbearable , this should start to
ease up.  This is the end of  cycle and the beginning of a new one.  You really have to live from your soul now if you have not been.   These times will be for the Brave hearts.

If you have not done any "inner Child" healing  now would be the time to do this.  healing your inner child with mediation, and rewriting some past events will help you
so much at this time. (if you have questions on this just inbox me).  Healing your past is extremely important for moving on and forward now,  I'm sure a lot of you have noticed your eating lighter, maybe even just doing juices on some days.  This is because we have been processing all out emotions since last September, and now we are becoming "light bodies" less food, more nutrition, less drama, more productivity, less stuff, more functional. Lighter in every way.

Our lives have been scaled down, so that we are freer and clearer.  Try to stay light because we are all going to be mobile, and global more so now, then ever before.
Be ready to move in a split second, and be ready to live in more than one location.  A lot of us have been training for this for years without realising it.  

This month is a great time to prepare, clean up, and be clear about what creative projects that have been sitting in your heart need some love care and expression.  Love will be everything Love to yourself, Love to others.  We have come to the end of times, and the beginning of a new time.

Energy wise, conserve your energy with using for only what is important to you, and using it to maintain your focus.  The world is different now.  There is an undertone of uncertainty, anxiety, and deep concern.  You must pay attention to everything your doing, where you are, and what is happening around you and in your environment.  The world is split and you need to stay very very present.

Write a letter to yourself on your accomplishments, who you are, and whatever is important for YOU to communicate to You.
Write a letter to someone you have wanted to write to for along time. Again this is for anything that is deeply troubling you that needs to be expressed.
Apologize to people you feel you've hurt and forgive them and yourself.
Write whatever you want, don't worry about what  someone else may think.
Self Expression is the key to everything, as well as staying in the present moment.

On world events:  Expect more earth changes, as well as economical  challenges and changes.  Pray stay in the light and do everything you can to take care of yourself.  2014 through 2016 is what is called the "seed" years.  We are in a time in history that is unnerving, confusing, challenging and chaotic all of which has to happen simultaneously with exciting. brilliant, shifts in mankind,  I know it looks ugly, and scary, but you must also find the beauty in yourself, in others, and in moments,
if you remember we are all ONE, we all come from the same Source, the only thing you can do is be as true to yourself as you possibly can,  Be honest wit people
and pay attention to undercurrents and address them ahead of time, don't let things just sit..communicate.

Energy is everything, vibration, frequency is something you can experiment with yourself everyday.  If you feel down, thing of something good, happy and jump into that energy, throw yourself into and you will see your body will follow the energy.  It takes practice.  Mediation & Prayer are not just things to do now, they are essential in
navigating yourself, your family and your loved ones through these immensely intense ever-changing times.

Love & Light God Bless Us All 
 Pray for Palestine, Isreal, and all the wrongs of the world.  The innocents of this world that are dying are and sacrificing their souls so
that we, us, mankind will wake up.   Pray for everyone even your enemies as it will raise the vibration to bring in more love and light

Please Pray for the World.

With So Much Love